AVS Video Editor

This easy to use editor is compatible with all major formats

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AVS Video Editor
AVS Video Editor

While video editing sounds somewhat complicated, the difficulty will depend on the program you choose for editing your videos. The AVS Video Editor does make editing feel much easier than what it might look like at first sight. The program may not have the richness of features as some of the other more professional video editors. It works almost perfectly in line with home-made multimedia compositions.

Stunning Design on the Interface

Because of the cleanness on the interface, the navigation of this site makes it a pleasure to use. You follow the classic editor layout, and you have a variety of different areas that have been dedicated to the media library, the preview window and the timeline. In addition, if you have the Plus AVS Video Editor, it will include plenty of interesting features like video effects, transition effects and the text and video overlays. It easily helps you to spice up the video.

An Entire Creative Process Covered

AVS Video Editor covers an almost entire creative process, and it begins with the capture of the video from external sources. Next, you have the option to save your home-made video in a variety of formats, but it will depend on the target platform, the burned disc, the computer file and the multimedia device. When we look at the AVS Video Editor, you have an astounding mixture of both ease of use, and you have a powerful program. The average user will have access the toolbox, and you can look at the video editing. This keeps the difficulty at a good level where you don't feel confused.

DVD Authoring

When it comes to DVD authoring, it drops raw footage into the timeline, and it will burn the disc. This transforms the footage over from the raw form into something that feels more like a compelling narrative. You can create your dream movie with this program, and the features with AVS Video Editor will also give you unlimited access to tracks. The program offers a certain level flexibility, and it's hard to overstate.

Over 600 Options

Through this DVD creation software, you have cool transition library. The 600 options ensure that you won't have everything that you're seeking. The AVS Video Editor has a library with around 70 selections, and you have tools that will let you elevate the footage from the video. The simple video will hold the attention of the audience.

AVS also includes some excellent audio effects. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the importance of sound, but this video editor doesn't neglect this side of the program. You have full control over the volume on each track, and you create a DVD that not only looks visually compelling but it also brings pleasure to the ears.


  • You have more than 600 options.
  • The interface remains a pleasure to navigate.


  • Not as rich in features as what you might have with a more professional video editor.

The AVS Video Editor is designed to make video editing easier.

When you have videos that are in need of editing, AVS Video Editor can do magic in a short period. If you have ever thought the process of editing videos was complicated, one look at this program will make you think otherwise.

The moment you need to edit a video, you will be able to open it inside of this program. It works with an array of different video formats – and it allows you to save in a format that works well for you.

The easy-to-use interface is one of the best features that AVS Video Editor has to offer. There is a classic editor layout and you will be able to dedicate different areas to your media library, preview window and timeline. The program will load your video and allow you to make various transitional effects, video effects and even text overlays. You will be able to splice your video how you desire – and even incorporate multiple videos into a single one for something unique.

You can choose to be as creative as you would like with the help of AVS Video Editor. The program allows you to capture video from all of the external sources that you have. You will be able to make a variety of edits, incorporate audio, take cuts from the video stream, and much more. When it comes time to saving your creation, you will be able to choose a video format based upon the platform that you plan on sharing it on. You can burn it to a computer file, onto a disk, a multimedia device or even a website.

AVS Video Editor offers an array of features and you will be able to use it, even if you are new to the idea of video editing. The average user will have all of the tools needed to create a video masterpiece. There are not many customizations, and if you are looking for a professional video editing program, this one is not for you. While there are various video effects and transition effects, it lacks filters and other features that some of the more advanced programs will offer.

However, if you are looking to edit a video in a simple manner and you do not have a lot of experience with video editing, AVS Video Editor is the program for you. It is a relatively large download, so you will need to make sure that you have at least 150 MB of disk space on your hard drive. Depending upon your download speed, it may also take you a little while to downloaded to your computer.

Once you begin using the program, you can experience all of the benefits. The simple interface walks you through all of the tasks so that you can edit your videos with ease.


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth interface
  • Works with all major video formats


  • Trial version
  • Not designed for pro use

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